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The Official OWS Woodworking Reading List

We get a lot of emails from people wanting to get into woodworking and wondering where to start. Whether you are a soft-handed starry-eyed novice, or a gnarled and jaded old woodchuck, here are some of our favorite books to guide you in your woodworking pursuits.

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Josh Salsbury (a.k.a. “The Beef”) shows you how to patch a Eucalyptus slab.

Taking a Seat in Boston

Nick recently attended a 6-day Windsor chair workshop at Boston’s charismatic and venerated North Bennett Street School. Read his first hand account of riding a spokeshave to delicious curves in Boston.

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Here’s Episode 2 of Off Cuts! In it we continue work on the redwood slab coffee table that was previously flattened by Nick in Episode One.

Nick recently wrote a Holiday Gift Guide on AOL. It’s full of classic books and hand crafted objects. The man’s got taste.

Nick gets on the wire with the Fine Woodworking Magazine Podcast and waxes lyrical about his dream woodshop.

Here’s the very first episode of Matt Micucci’s web video series, ‘Off Cuts’! This series is an exploration of unromanticised videos of what life is like at the Offerman Woodshop. In this episode Nick shows us how to flatten a slab for a coffee table.