Whether it be your first (or last) supper, a gathering of the fellowship, or a heavyweight board room meeting, our custom built tables are made to please.

We specialize in live edge and slab tables of monolithic proportions, but we don’t shy away from crafting smaller surfaces that would suit a hobbit, or indeed, a human.

Traditional Joinery

We have a penchant for doing things right which often means doing it the old way. We like to incorporate traditional joinery methods that are built to withstand multi-generational wear and tear. We’re no stranger to hand carved dovetails, mortise and tenon joints and slab-top butterfly keys.

Locally Sourced Lumber

We go to great lengths to source from California and Oregon and often mill salvaged trees from the greater Los Angeles area. We possess a large inventory of slabs that we use on custom projects.

Types of Tables

Click an image to explore the different types of tables.