From time to time, despite themselves, members of Offerman Woodshop find themselves embroiled in the presentation of Live Events.

Nick can often be found “performing” on stages around the country, with his mate, if he’s lucky. The OWS cooperative are also guilty of creating craft workshops that extol the pleasures and trumpet the virtues of hand-working wood, participating in ‘art’ shows, and pontificating at craft conferences.

Dates and locations are listed in the calendar below. For specific ticketing information follow the links, or enquire directly with the venues.

Take heed!  We do NOT offer workshops at the Offerman Woodshop. We are OFTEN (not always) involved with the workshops at Allied Woodshop.

Please and Thank you.

  • All Rise Tour

    Niagara Falls, Canada

    February 29, 2020

    MORE INFORMATION – Please contact the venue directly with any questions.