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How did you get into woodworking?  We get this question all the time.  Writer’s Bone dug into it further with us.  If you would like to know what got us going, read the full article at Writer’s Bone.

The Eastsider recently interviewed our shop manager R.H. Lee.  She discusses her life before OWS and how her and Nick first collaborated around a canoe building project. Full article here.

Vanity Fair magazine recently took ‘An Exclusive Look Inside Nick Offerman’s Woodshop’. Read the full article here.

Lift Light Charity Event

“LIFT” is a not-for-profit that helps alleviate poverty and homelessness. They recently asked us to make a-light up sign for a charity event last week. Jane led the project. Here are some photos of the making, and event itself.

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Drift journal recently got glimpse inside the shop to see how we work and play. Check out the interview here.

Nick’s latest edition of “Tales of Whiskey” for Lagavulin includes a music video about his favorite things.  Our wood shop is prominently featured but luckily not our secret Lagavulin stash (don’t check the bathroom).

Nick crafted some handmade wooden emojis for his mate Conan O’brien. Behold the glory:

Rump-Stump Ballyhoo

Michele Diener, inventor of the Offerman Ramblin’ Rump Stump takes us on a tour through the ideation and design of this sturdy and highly portable chair.

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