The Offerman Rocket Lifts Off!

Introducing the Offerman Rocket for sale now in our online store.

Nick considers American white oak to be the most noble of woods. It’s simple beauty, strength, and ease to work with has made it a staple in construction, ship building and furniture making. Heck, the USS Constitution ‘Old Iron Sides’ herself was built with white oak. So it only seemed fitting to construct our ‘rocket’ from the same wood.

We wanted to make a hand crafted skateboard in the vintage style of the 1960’s cruiser models.  Something with a simple, sleek design that would accentuate the beauty of the oak.  We also wanted something damn fun to ride.  Don’t worry, even if you’re a ‘poser’ the board will look great hanging on a wall and people will think you’re legit. (Matty is a poser).

The board went through a few different designs and an hefty prototype session.  In the end we connected with Arbor Skateboards.  Max Myers and the team there outfitted us with their top of the line hardware.  Arbor Collective has a strong commitment to hand crafted items as well as being environmentally conscious.  Many, many thanks to them.

We are very excited to launch this new ride just in time for the holidays!  You can purchase your own here!

We have lift off!