Work Sharp 3000 introduced by Matty!

Matty gave us all an introduction to the Work Sharp 3000 recently and would like to impart this knowledge to all of you!

This winter the shop received the Work Sharp 3000 Sharpener. I won’t mention the previous methods of sharpening (both old school traditions and modern sharpening wheels). But lets just say sharpening our tools was a chore that many disliked and often put off for too long. Remember the old adage ‘Teach a man to chisel he works for a day. Teach a man to sharpen a chisel he goes to the bar early.” Don’t know that one? How about this old chestnut: “A dull tool makes a dull mind”. No?

“Sharpen your chisel or shizzle my nizzle”? These are some woodworking classics that have been passed down from generation to generation. In any case we all know the benefits of working with sharp tools. It’s significant for accuracy, safety, and time.

The Work Sharp 3000 is capable of sharpening many things. So far I’ve only used it on my most recent chiseling project. We were cutting and fitting over a hundred dove tails in white oak. I started the project by bringing a few chisels up to speed. Then placing a micro bevel on them.

The Work Sharp made short work of it. Once the micro bevel was on re-sharpening took less then 30 seconds per chisel. It’s so easy. The heat sink device keeps your tool cool without oils and water. There is an adjustable fence that helps guide the chisel when plunging. Even changing angles is a piece of cake. It’s the simplest and most accurate way I have ever learned to sharpen.

I’m still relatively new to woodworking but I have truly learned the benefit of working with a sharp and accurate tool. I was sincerely impressed and I highly recommend picking up the Work Sharp 3000 for your shop.

P.S. How about this one: “One sharp chisel in the hand is better then two sharp chisels in the bush.” Anyone? No? Ok.

Work Safe!  — Matty