Live Edge

If you’re looking to soften the rectangular tyranny of modern architecture with some of mother nature’s organic curves, then you can’t go past live edge furniture. When crafted with skill and respect, the outer edge of a fallen tree can become one of your home’s most beguiling possessions.

Unique Edges

One of the most endearing traits of live edge furniture is the fact that no edge is the same. Irrespective of the application, be assured that the thin outer profile on your live edge furniture will never be repeated in another piece.

Designing Furniture with Nature

The shifting contours of a tree’s outer edge bring some of our biggest design challenges.

Mother nature is our greatest teacher, and when she speaks – we listen. So we work from the source materials up, and take our cues from what she tells us; for in truth, there is no other way. This makes slab selection one of the most important design choices we make.

The Best Wood Types for Live Edge Furniture

There aren’t many wood species unfit to bear their live edge to the world (who are we to judge), however there are some that are easier to work with than others. We have a particular penchant for Walnut, Oak, and Maple. This is in part due to what we are able to salvage here in Southern California and little further afield.