• Genus: Quercus
  • Tree type: Deciduous (mostly, with a few evergreen varieties)
  • Wood type: Hardwood
  • Variations: Many (we use a lot of California Live Oak)

We take a shining to big pieces of furniture. The fact that oak is heavy, durable and remarkably strong puts this noble family of trees in our good graces. It’s great for carving, has a porous grain structure, soaks up stains and finishes with aplomb, and can be used for outdoor applications.

North America has around 90 varieties of oak. These trees can grow to be very large and it’s not uncommon for them to live to be several hundred years old.

While oak is typically partitioned oak into Red and White varieties, it’s color can range from a light straw/blond through to darker reds and browns. White oak has been known to look red in color, and the opposite is true of red oak. Go figure.

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