Wood Species

When it comes to designing and building custom furniture, wood species selection sits at the very top of the decision “tree”.

Every tree species has developed a unique set of traits that allow it to survive and thrive within a particular environment. Similarly, every species of furniture-grade wood comes with its own peculiar set of characteristics that make it a ideal for some uses, but not others.

It takes knowledge and experience to marry the formal and structural needs of a piece of custom furniture to the right species of wood, and is very easy to get wrong. We’ve been working with wood long enough to get species selection right.

Locally Sourced Wood Species

We’re not fond of waste, and our custom projects have a strong bias towards sourcing reclaimed and salvaged woods from the greater Los Angeles area. When we can’t source hyperlocal, we look as far afield as Northern California and Oregon.

We have large inventory of slabs ready for custom commissions.

Types of Wood Species

Click an image to explore the different types of species.