Building custom furniture from ethical sources is really important to us. We like to honor the life and majesty of trees in our work. This means that we build with salvaged lumber from local sources as much as possible.

What is Salvaged Lumber?

The term “Salvaged” refers to lumber that has been sourced from trees that have:

  • Fallen naturally
  • Died while standing
  • Been irrevocably damaged by weather
  • Come from "sinker logs" (cut down long ago but sank in cold water while being floated downriver to a sawmill)
  • Or are being cleared by individual landowners and municipalities

Salvation from the Woodchipper

Nowadays it's a common practice to turn magnificent old trees into firewood or woodchips under the rationale that it's the quickest and easiest thing to do in the moment. This really gets our goat. We'd rather see those trees spend their afterlife as a magnificent tabletop or bedhead.

Our Sourcing

We work with our friends at Angel City Lumber to use locally salvaged wood as often as we can. We've even salvaged a few local trees ourselves from the greater Los Angeles area. We also collect naturally expired trees from Northern California and Oregon.