• Genus: Acer
  • Tree type: Deciduous (mostly)
  • Wood types: Hardwood & Softwood
  • Variations: Sugar Maple, Black Maple, Rock Maple, White Maple, Sap Maple

Hard maple is commonplace in the colder latitudes of the USA and Canada. It usually presents a cream/white coloration but is capable displaying of yellows, reds, and browns (especially the heartwood). It can present a wide range of pattern, figure, and when finished with a fine grit sandpaper can develop a lustre with a lot of depth.

One of the more well known maple patterns is Bird’s Eye which is prized for use in guitars and the like. It is also very durable and shock resistant which must by why all those skateboard builders use it.

While maple comes in both hard and soft varieties, we mostly use the harder varieties for our custom projects.

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