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Nick recently spoke with Sotheby’s about woodworking, the value of craftsmanship, and Americana. Check it out here.

Lee in Popular Woodworking

Our very own R.H. Lee wrote an article for Popular Woodworking Magazine. In it she shares her insights and reflections from experiences teaching woodworking to young eager minds at California State University.

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Nick recently spoke with Kelly McEvers on NPR’s All Things Considered the other day. They spoke about his epic new tome ‘Good Clean Fun’, get the interview here.

Nick talks about his evangelism… woodworking!  And his new book ‘Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at the Offerman Woodshop’ in New York Time’s California Today.

Nick was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair Magazine while promoting Good Clean Fun on tour. The interview is called ‘Let Nick Offerman Ease Your Terrors About the Current Political Hellscape’. Read it here.

The lovely folk at The Woodworking Network had the time and decency to review ‘Good Clean Fun‘.  Feast your eyes here.

Nick talks about ‘Good Clean Fun’, wood and getting Zen on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Nick talks about why his woodworking book includes jokes and style tips on the Today Show.

OWS & Popular Mechanics bring green space to LA public school

We recently got the opportunity to do a little community outreach: building and installing redwood planter boxes at the lovely Augustus F. Hawkins High School in South LA. Nick, Matty, and Lee trekked down the 110 with a truckload of redwood and tools, and soon we had a whole crew of eager high schoolers under our command.

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