Offerman Woodshop Pleasure Faire was a hit!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the–dare I say, first annual?–Offerman Woodshop Pleasure Faire last weekend! For those of you who live in farther corners/greener pastures and weren’t able to attend, here is some of the evening’s flavors in digital form.  Still hungry? Well there’s always next year.

Angel City Lumber generously hosted this event in their newly (and gorgeously) renovated shop/lumberyard/showroom. It was the perfect venue for all of the evening’s attractions–including a furniture show exhibiting local woodworkers from Allied Woodshop, Offerman Woodshop, Wheeler Made, and other friends in craft.

In the adjoining outdoor lot, Charles and Thomas demonstrated the milling of a local salvaged Live Oak tree on the Lucas Mill.  While this activity perhaps offended some ears, it definitely pleased some noses.

Laura Zahn of Allied Woodshop taught eager guests to use the drill press, sanding, and finishing equipment as they created their very own OWS tea candle holder out of a local Silver Maple tree milled here at Angel City Lumber last year.

Lie Nielson Tool Works showed off their exquisite hand tools with the help of Nathaniel Hill of Allied Woodshop who turned visitors on to the pleasures of hand planing and dovetail joinery.

After having our fill of sawdust, shaved ice, and grilled cheese sandwiches, we gathered for some songs with the author.

Along with short readings, excerpts, and a pledge from the shop’s other participating authors: Matty, Lee, Josh, Thomas, Krys, and Jane.