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  • “Build Your Own Damn Stool” Kit

    Earn the right to rest your bones.

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  • Anniversary Card

    A cherry slice for the apple of your eye.

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  • Berry Stool

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  • Birthday Card

    Say it with solid wood.

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  • Canoe Craft DVD and Book

    Learn how to build a canoe with Nick.

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  • Cedar Round Table

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  • Chunk Light

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  • Foul Ball Hat

    Logo by PatRiot.

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  • Foul Ball Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    A new classic from the dugout.

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  • Foul Ball T-Shirt

    PatRiot's uniform for unadulterated weird heads.

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  • Good Clean Fun *Autographed Copy

    Misadventures in sawdust at Offerman Woodshop.

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  • Gumption *Autographed copy

    21 profiles of America’s gutsiest troublemakers.

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  • Jupiter Table

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  • Knock-Down Dining Table

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  • LA City Blocks

    Made with love by Would Works.

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