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  • OWS Cutting Board

    Sometimes teeth aren't enough.

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  • OWS Drinkin Jar

    A drinking horn for the mead of the new age.

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  • OWS Hatchet Kit

    Fashion a grip too good to be buried.

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  • OWS Hoodie

    Keeps your neck from getting red.

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  • OWS Keychain

    For a woody pocket.

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  • OWS Mistake-Stick

    A mistake stick for your moments of genius.

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  • OWS Mug

    Designed to coddle any roborative beverage.

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  • OWS Patch

    Alert the public to your discerning taste without saying a word.

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  • OWS Pencil Holder

    A quiver for woman's mightiest weapon. Or man’s!

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  • OWS Pop Top

    A hang-nail built for cold ales.

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  • OWS Spokeshave Kit

    Make your own magic sculpting wand.

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  • OWS T-Shirt

    The official chest mantle.

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  • OWS Tote Bag

    A man-purse for the heaviest of loads.

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  • OWS Whisky Box

    Hides your 12yo from nosey guests.

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  • Paddle Your Own Canoe *Autographed Copy

    Tales of meat, manliness, and Megan Mullally.

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