• Genus: Umbellularia californica
  • Tree type: Evergreen
  • Wood type: Hardwood
  • Variations: Myrtle, Oregon Myrtle, California Bay Laurel, Pepperwood

Myrtle is a versatile hardwood that’s great for furniture making. It is common to redwood forests, oak forests, and mixed woods throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.

Myrtle may well offer the widest range of colors available in furniture grade hardwoods. Depending on the tree, colors can range from light blonde through to gold, orange, brown, black and even purple. It is not uncommon to see colors vary significantly within a single piece of wood.

It is also one of the more aromatic furniture grade species. The “bay” leaves of some myrtle varieties are used in the cooking of sumptuous meat dishes, and, uh, vegetables.

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