• Genus: Eucalyptus
  • Tree type: Evergreen
  • Wood Types: Hardwood & Softwood
  • Variations: Many

Eucalyptus is technically a part of the Myrtle family. We think of it as a wood type unto itself because it has presents very differently than myrtle species that are indigenous to the USA.

It's native to Australia and they have over 700 species there. The Eucalyptus Regnans subspecies is the world’s tallest flowering plant and is second only to Redwood in tree height.

How Eucalyptus Came to The USA

Eucalyptus was first introduced to North America during the 1850s. Some unsuspecting Aussies brought it over in the in California Gold Rush. It's a fast growing and drought resistant tree, and in the 1900s the state government planted thousands of acres of it under the assumption that it would provide a renewable source of lumber for construction and railroad ties.

It's presence in the USA is controversial as it has contributed to the decline of several species of flora and fauna. Accordingly, we have no qualms about turning it into fine furniture.

Building Furniture with Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus offers a lot to furniture makers and carpenters. When it has been grown explicitly for lumber it is easy to work with.

It has a few idiosyncrasies: it can present with "brittleheart" (tiny cracks in the heartwood) which may weaken it; and it needs to be seasoned not long after the tree has felled to prevent splitting.

It offers a wide range of color, the most common being a deep red/amber. Eucalyptus can present with some charming figure and chatoyance.

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