Douglas Fir

  • Genus: Pseudotsuga menziesii
  • Tree type: Evergreen
  • Wood type: Softwood
  • Common names: Oregon Pine, Columbian Pine, Coast Douglas Fir

Douglas fir was named after the Scottish botanist David Douglas. It is indigenous to the west but is now in wider distribution due to its suitability for plantation growing. These noble arbors have been known to reach heights of up to 330 feet tall.

Douglas fir is one of the most common construction materials in the USA. Its ubiquity in the building world mean that it can often be sourced as reclaimed wood from buildings and structures that are being demolished.

It possesses a straight grain and presents color ranges from a straw yellow through to deep brown. While it is a softwood, it punches well above its weight in terms of durability. As a matter of fact, out of all American lumber in the softwood classification, douglas fir has the highest strength-to-weight rating.