Who We Are

Matthew Micucci

Matty has to be called Matty because the name “Matt” was taken. Matty is from the little town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania.  He spent much of his childhood riding his go-kart, making forts in the woods, and performing in local musical theater.  After graduating from Muhlenberg College with a BA in Theater he spent some time in New York City working for The Public Theater.  Not having any real skills he spent half his day helping build scenery and the other half creating performances in the elevator.  Some elevator show favorites were Mission To Space, Wild West Saloon, and the vaudeville classic ‘This Is The Elevator’ complete with song and tap dance.  During his time at The Public he picked up a few tricks of the trade, packed his bag and headed to Hollywood.  Having nothing but a dream in his eye and a song in his heart he found the Offerman Woodshop.  He is truly grateful to be working and learning the trade from such a loving team.  When not working at the shop Matty enjoys playing the ukulele.