Who We Are

Matthew Offerman

Matt stumbled backwards into woodworking at the tender age of 23. He previously spent 7 years apprenticing as a grade school janitor, but upon moving to Los Angeles he spurned his dream to take up antique restoration at Shabby Chic. Matt quickly became the most adept carpenter of the 3 actors employed there. Although he enjoyed 3 blissful years touring California buying, hauling, and restoring antiques, he grew tired of painting furniture pink. Matt worked occasionally for OWS, but didn’t find enough confinement for his spirit there, so he tried his hand at a variety of office jobs. Matt still had to get his furniture fix at night. And thank Jehovah he did. It was during these nighttime sessions that Matt discovered his true calling: not finishing furniture projects. It has been a magical 7 years now of not finishing pieces that has lead Matt to be OWS’ resident Incompetence Marshall*. Come by the shop and see some of the pieces Matt hasn’t finished.

*Fully certified.