Offerman Plant Pedestals

Perfect for mama.


If your mother provided support and helped you stand tall when you were a wee one, why not offer the same graciousness to her prized collection of house plants now?

This new product is a seamless intersection of form meets function.
They are elegant, steadfast, and look beautiful in every room—
just like your mom ; )

We are proudly offering these new beauts in two different wood species (Oak and Walnut), in two different sizes (Little and Big—dimensions below). From succulents to monsteras, mother dearest’s green thumb will be displayed with craft and class. And, both sizes can be turned either way to accommodate preferred plant heights!

Pairs well with a handmade wooden Mothers Day Card.



Each plant stand comes flat packed with a single brass phillips head screw included for easy assembly.

Little dimensions
Interior: 8″ x 8″
Exterior: 10″ x 11″

Big dimensions
Interior: 13″ x 14″
Exterior: 15″ x 17″

This shiny new ‘hearth & home’ item was designed and hewn by our newest full-time wood wizard, Diane. Diane is known within our shop for her dry wit, cool band tees, and keen ability to conceptualize delightfully simple, handsome builds.