Thank You Kindly Card


As we leave summer and enter autumn, we are encouraged to give thanks to all that’s been and all that’s yet to come. Bounty ahoy! Toot toot.
Show your gratitude with this handmade wooden card, emblazoned with one of Nick Offerman’s most beloved sign-offs: Thank You Kindly.

Custom Initials

For $15.00 we’ll personalize your product with up to 3 branded initials.

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  • Solid Cherry card with ink-stamped custom artwork by resident 2D artist and wearer of many other hats, Clio.
  • All Cards come in a 100% Recycled Craft Paper Envelope with the OWS Logo stamped with cheerful ink into the rear flap.
  • We humbly recommend using a Sharpie (or Saunders markers if you want to support American-made) for writing your message on the blank part.