‘Good Clean Fun’ now on presale!

A word from our dusty proprietor:

Hello Woodworking Enthusiasts and the actor Jim O’Heir!

So, the news is that we have a book coming out (my 3rd!) about Offerman Woodshop and woodworking in general. It promises to be a real gassy jam, with how-to chapters from every member of our collective including my Dad and my brother! There will also be assorted musings from yours truly on setting up a shop and wood in general, as well as some humor as always.

I personally dislike hearing about items for sale before they are actually available. It annoys me. I don’t want to see a trailer for The Desolation of Smaug in June when I can’t see the god-forsaken worm in a theater until December. You feel me? Nonetheless, the folks at my publishers don’t agree with me (large companies seldom do), and so we have had a “Cover Reveal” today via the charismatic folks over at Etsy. Since the cat is out of the bag, we figured you might as well get it here at the shop, right from the horse’s mouth.

Despite my irritation with the corporate overlords, I am terribly excited about this woodworking tome! Many of you have asked me to pen such a book, and I finally found time to be in the shop and pull it off, not to mention enjoy the camaraderie and fulsome assistance of all the collective (except my brother who has not exactly been “helpful” but he has been cute so we forgive him).

The book comes out, or “drops” October 17, but you can place an order now in case you have anxiety issues, like the folks at Penguin Random House apparently do. When you order one of my books from the shop, you get it signed by me, but at the cover price. I appreciate your interest and we want you to come back and order your dining room set from us, not to mention all of your live edge slab headboards. And a baseball bat.

Thank you kindly and please have a beautiful day.


Nick Offerman