Nick’s got a new comedy show, and he’d like to share it with you

Nick has vacated the woodshop!

Here at Chez Bandsaw, we’re pining for the long-grained forearms and august presence of our wizened proprietor. We can’t help but lament the absence of his rambling sermons from atop our dusty lunchroom table, and could really do with an extra set of hands when it comes to milling duties, slab relocation, and Friday cleanups.

But fear not, good friends, for the cause of his truancy is both noble and true. He’s touring the USA with a new comedy routine.

Click here for tickets and showtimes.

His new show is called All Rise, and is an evening of deliberative talking and light dance that will compel you to chuckle whilst enjoining you to brandish a better side of humanity than the one to which we have grown accustomed.

Nick Offerman’s All Rise Tour Poster featuring illustration of Nick adjudicating in a judges wig in the forest.

On tour you will find Nick draped in a magnificent squirrel blouse, hand-crafted by the inimitable Fort Lonesome of Austin, Texas.

Nick Offerman on stage with microphone. Wearing western chain stitched shirt featuring squirrels.
Nick on tour in Australia. Photo Credit: Mikki Gomez

If, due to an act of god, or the birth of your firstborn child, you cannot make it to one of the shows, you can at least pretend you were there – and thereby elevate your status among those you hold dearest by owning your own All Rise Tour Poster.

The official All Rise Tour Poster comes ready for hanging on your best bit of vertical real estate. It has been lovingly signed by both Nick and Matt Davies: the Pulitzer prize-winning artist who rendered this mighty vision. These posters are a limited edition and $10 of each sale goes to The American Civil Liberties Union.