Rudolph’s Best Cuts Card


This holiday season, we’re bringing back one of our best sellers of all-time, a card we debuted years ago designed by one of Offerman’s earliest crew members: Rudolph’s Best Cuts. Although it bums out our current staff a bit to think about chowing down on this beloved holiday character, we cannot deny— it’s an OWS classic.

A quick note: We hope that this offering does not come across as offensive or exclusive, given it is both carnivorous and Christmas-specific. We did not want to change the original design, however this could be the first of two cards dropping this season… stay tuned.

Custom Initials

For $15.00 we’ll personalize your product with up to 3 branded initials.

Tap or click your desired initials below:


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  • Solid Cherry card with ink-stamped custom artwork by beloved former Offerman maker, Ronny.
  • All Cards come in a 100% Recycled Craft Paper Envelope with the OWS Logo stamped with cheerful ink into the rear flap.
  • We humbly recommend using a Sharpie (or Saunders markers if you want to support American-made) for writing your message on the blank part.