Dam Good Dad Card

No one does it better


What says Damn, Dad. You’re damn good at being a Dad. like a handmade wooden card? Celebrate your Father this year with a timeless, heartwarming visage of Fatherhood. Remember teaching your baby beaver to hold a solid maple slugger? Encouraging him to not chew it to bits before you were able to show him how to use it? It’s moments like these that really define being a Dad. And a dam good one, at that.

Custom Initials

For $15.00 we’ll personalize your product with up to 3 branded initials.

Tap or click your desired initials below:


Or type them in the old fashioned way:


  • Solid Cherry card with ink-stamped custom artwork.
  • All Cards come in a 100% Recycled Craft Paper Envelope with the OWS Logo stamped with maternal crimson ink into the rear flap.
  • We humbly recommend using a Sharpie (or Saunders markers if you want to support American-made) for writing your message on the blank part.