Mother’s Day Sapling Card


Remember the one who nurtured you from a skinny twig to the big barky burl you are today.  Mother nature and your mom have everything in common.  This solid cherry handmade Mother’s Day card has original artwork stamped on one side and the OWS ribbon logo burned on the other.  Customize the bottom right of the blank side with your initials if you fancy.

Custom Initials

For $15.00 we’ll personalize your product with up to 3 branded initials.

Tap or click your desired initials below:


Or type them in the old fashioned way:


Dimensions: 4.75" x 6.75"

Every card comes with the hand burned Offerman Woodshop logo and optional custom initials on the blank side where the signature would be. Artwork ink stamped on front (cannot be altered). Finished with clear poly, elbow grease & love.

All Cards come in a 100% Recycled Craft Paper Envelope with the OWS Logo stamped on the rear flap.
We humbly recommend using a Sharpie (or Saunders if you want to support American made) for writing your message on the rear of the card.

Made in USA