Cedar Round Table


The cedrus tree, aka cedar, is an aromatic and resinous wood that is well-known for its ability to repel moths, and abundant presence in The Shire. These rugged slices of lore provide a sturdy surface for your beverage of choice whilst reminding us of the land from which we came. Its comes in a water-based satin finish that will ensure its sanctity throughout the ages.

Shipping info: Ships within one week. This product ships to US lower-48 states only. Contact us if you’d like it shipped elsewhere.

Approximate Dimensions: 33” x 26” x 16”

Happy Together

The wooden rounds are supported by stainless steel hairpin legs that are made in the USA. The modern simplicity of these pins provides the perfect contrast to the wild form of the slab top. This floating monolith makes a great complement to any room.

Live Edge

These tables offer an amazing display of live edge on all sides. Wherever possible, we leave them in their natural state. These compelling grain topographies will keep your eyes enthralled for countless hours while you contemplate the meaning of life.

One of a Kind

Each slice of cedar is unique, designed by mother nature herself. Enjoy knowing you have a table can’t be replicated and is yours alone to admire.

Stamp of Champs

Our pieces are hand stamped with the official wood burned OWS logo. We take pride in our work and want to be sure the world knows the quality that comes with our furniture.