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In the year of our Lord 2011 Megan Mullally met Stephanie Hunt in a sport utility vehicle whilst filming a motion picture in Smithville, Texas. They exchanged haiku, made significant eye contact, admired each other’s stigmata and sang close harmony. The Earth inhaled sharply. Reality expanded and shuddered with delight. The local tree frogs stoppered their raucous ditty and have nary been heard from since. That blessed day saw the voluptuous becoming of Nancy & Beth – the most magnificent duo that every laid lung to a blues chord – conjoin together as one. A brace of beauties, plying their troth to bring it to you sweetly in your ear-holes. Together with their gypsy band of starry eyed mystics, jazz pastors and tea-heads, these curvaceous ladies will blow mouth sounds and shake their accessories like the ripest bags of produce until you go jingle-jangle in your juice-box. Welcome to pleasure.

Release Date: April 7, 2017

Track Listing:
1. Please Mr. Jailer
2. Fine Brown Frame
3. One Mint Julep
4. Vibrate
5. I Don’t Love Her
6. Cab Driver
7. Jack, You’re Dead
8. 100,000 Women Can’t Be Wrong
9. He Stopped Loving Her Today
10. Saved

White vinyl record

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