Here at the Offerman Woodshop, we like to look at beautiful things. It inspires and helps get the blood flowing. Enter woodstrip canoe building. Ever since Nick bent the first strip of western red cedar on Huckleberry, we’ve all enjoyed a robust and healthy circulation. We recommend that you find something that gets your heart rate up and enjoy its visage on a daily basis. Feel free to indulge these voluptuous canoes, whenever the time is right. If you’re anything like us, they’ll flush you with a healthy blush.

The OWS Canoes




Lucky Boy


Ella (Camp HF)


Fine Woodstrip Canoe Building

Nick spent a dreamy summer in Red Hook, Brooklyn, building Huckleberry. He filmed this build with the inestimable help of Jimmy Diresta and in collaboration with the good people at Bear Mountain Boats.

For a copy of this DVD, please hie yie forthwith to Bear Mountain Boats.

Here is one segment to wet your whistle. (total euphemism)